About us

We have founded OpenLeaf Publishing to help people discover how to lead the lives they want, to discover their potential, and as a result of realising it -lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Our books are the tools our readers can use to bring more into their lives: more joy, more vitality, more prosperity, more success, more understanding as to the way things are, more reason as to why doing the right thing is the right thing to do, more purpose, more reason to focus in the now, more passion, more love and, ultimately, more happiness.

We publish self-help and self-improvement books for adults and children. Topics range from, and include health and healing, parenting to books on connection and spirituality. Browse our selection of titles and place an order directly on our website.

OpenLeaf Life Coaching and Mentoring

OpenLeaf is a team of personal coaches and mentors dedicated to helping their clients achieve major personal goals. Whether it's:

Our objective is to get you there, to a life where purpose, passion and fulfilment are the order of the day, and ever greater degrees of health, wealth and happiness are continually experienced too, the one-to-one, deeply personal relationship with a mentor simply speeds things up by supporting and guiding you until success is reached.

We are goal-orientated and completely flexible in our approach. The beauty is we know what your ultimate goal is - a fulfilling life, we know that you have potential and the ability to realise it through your gifts, talents and abilities, we know what the rewards are for doing so, great work, great relationships, great life. We also know what the markers for progress are too. Our passion in life is to help you.

Our clients can have a vague idea of what they want, and they often join us asking just "Is there more than this to my life?" or can have a very specific idea of their goal, such as "I want to start up a new business, but want to find out if it's for me or if I have the right potential to start it, and make it a success".

9 out of 10 clients admit they are a lot more goal-orientated after the first course.
8 out of 10 admit that they have a clearer idea of what they want, the vast majority also changing what they initially wanted to something that now had a far greater importance.
9 out of 10 admitted that they were on the right path to learning how to make the right decisions in any new circumstances, but more importantly they felt that the logical, reasonable explanation put forward was in fact an incredibly solid base to operate off, interestingly practically all were able to empathize with so many of the points covered, it was how they were connected that made the difference.

If this is achieved after one course, imagine what you can achieve after just an individual session with a personal coach, whose only client in that meeting is you, and whose only objective is fast tracking you to getting the life that you want.

Our seminars, workshops and courses can help you:

To name but a few...

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