If you have a book that echoes the ethos created by what you have read and by of our range of books, we would be happy to consider it for publication.

What do we publish? We publish self-help and self-improvement books for adults and children. Example topic areas are; discovering how to get a more fulfilling life experience, your niche in life, the right partner, to any experience that enables self actualisation; synchronicity; health and healing (all areas, individual and relationships with others); inspirational parenting; spirituality, to books based on real life experiences, including inspirational memoirs.

We also publish books that address society and world issues and lastly business. Why?

Because the key to an individual realising their potential is two-fold, one through increasing awareness and understanding need to be increased as to who they are and what they can do, secondly discovering or creating an outlet for it, consequently any opportunity for that potential to become realised is vitally important too –it goes hand in hand. So books that enable business and society to become more forward thinking, that promote and develop methods within this area are, also actively welcomed.

What don’t we publish? We don’t publish academic books, religious books, medical books or scientific books and we don’t publish fiction books or poetry books. Hence, if your book falls into any of categories, please do not submit it for publication.

As a rule of thumb, if you believe your book can make a "positive" difference, to the lives of others, if it is able to inspire them find their potential, to change things for themselves and for the others around, for the better, then it’s likely that your book matches our profile.

Children’s self-help books

We take great pride in launching a dedicated range of books for children. Most children’s self-help books address what the industry calls the PTL, the parents, teachers and librarians. We aim to publish self-help books that will address children directly, from boosting self-esteem, self-worth, self-belief, the benefits of being true to themselves, of exploring new things, developing interests, doing the right thing, understanding the bigger picture, that they are unique and what they have to offer vital, the benefits that come from just being yourself, taking responsibility for all that your experience and how you can actively change things to exploring issues of confidence when you’re eleven, to how to cope with teenage years, and most importantly of all treasuring their and our uniqueness. We are looking for books to cover all age groups in this range. "We want to encourage children to dream, try new experiences and develop new interests, to believe in themselves and appreciate that they have all the necessary gifts, talents and abilities to realise their potential, that life is a journey of discovery. And that, by being true to yourself and all others, life will be fun and so incredibly rewarding." (Noel Walker, author of Get the Life you Want)

We do not pay an advance, but we pay a high rate of royalties and we are actively involved in the distribution and promotion of our books. Please note that we are not a self-publishing company, in other words we do not publish any kind of book, but only books that evoke the core message of our outlook on life: a positive, uplifting message capable to change the life of others for the better and forever.

Please ensure that your manuscript meets the category criteria listed above in What do we publish? If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, please send a covering letter mentioning why you consider us suitable to publish your book, a one-page outline/synopsis and the first three chapters of your manuscript to

OpenLeaf Publishing,
The Commissioning Editor,
Innovation Centre,
Commerce House,
Telford Road,
Bicester, OX26 4LD,
United Kingdom

or by email to

If you have attachments, then we will ONLY ACCEPT pdfs.

If you are unsure as to how to do that there are 2 options. In MS Word, under SAVE AS click on option SAVE AS Pdf, or use an external program like Cutepdf, if you do not have Cutepdf then go to and download the appropriate file and the converter. Once installed, go to your document, click print and select Cutepdf, this will then create a pdf file for you.

If we are interested in publishing your book, a one-to-one editor will be assigned to supervise the process from start to finish.